What are your plans for spring break?


Kate Risdon '19

With spring break quickly approaching, I was interested to hear from my fellow students what their plans were for hiatus from school. Thus, I decided to ask, “What are your plans for spring break?”

Here were their responses…

Reagan Rawls ‘21: I am going on a cruise with my family to Jamaica, Mexico, the Cayman Islands and I cannot remember the last place.

Cadee Cooper ‘19: Literally nothing.

Abi Danheim ‘21: I am going to Miami and Fort Lauderdale for concentration to work on photography.

Mimi Kurlas ‘21: I am going to DC with my family.

Isabella Romanello ‘21: I am going to Colorado with my family, and we are going skiing.

Marco McGowan ‘19: I am going to Canada to go snowboarding.

Xander Magevney ‘19: I am heading to London to visit my brother.

Image courtesy of Anyone4Science.