Welcome To Astroworld

Abi Dannheim '19

On March 14, Travis Scott had a debut performance at the Veterans Memorial Arena, in Jacksonville, FL, with opening act, Sheck Wes. Thousands of teens swarmed the pit and “moshed” to their top billboard songs, “Sicko Mode” and “Mo Bamba”.

Scott insured his fans that it would be a night to remember by supplying not one, but two active roller coasters, at least eight gigantic blow ups and drenching his fans with Astro-dollar bills. Rumor has it that there were a required number of at least 11 firefighters at the arena due to all of Scott’s special effects. The concert was definitely ranked a 10/10 compared to his last concert at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater, in 2017.  

Many Jacksonville influencers had their fingers crossed tightly for a guest appearance of  the recently named youngest self made billionaire, Kylie Jenner and daughter, Stormi Scott. Even though they were not spotted, many hypebeasts and students were sad to leave the Insta-famous land of “AstroWorld”.

Image courtesy of Abi Dannheim ’19.