Prom Season


Abi Dannheim '19

Prom Season: March Madness without the raging North Carolina and Duke fans.

As many ladies know, prom tends to be the only event where you do not want to be the only girl in the group without a date but also where you exert enough power to miracuously get a male to gain the energy to literally draw the letters P, R, O and M on a 99 cent piece of cardboard and have a bystander around as a witness when that guy actually makes a commitment. For the most of us girls, prom is the time to buy a dress that looks like either… A. a knock-off designer piece, B. something so unique that it is actually designer or C. a dress under $150 from Revolve that you already know three other girls are going to be wearing.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, which is none other than the day of… At the beginning of the week, you are in awe of the dreams of prom night and enlightened with the idea of it becoming the best night of your life. In reality though, once you’re done yanking and frying almost every hair on your head and have beat your face numb, you head to pictures and try to capture two or three pictures from the 247 that you just took.

Now heading to prom on a reconstructed bus, you try and have the best time you can in a dress you will be wearing for the next five hours MAX and never again. To all the smart girls who bought a nice dress, purchased your shoes and accessories from Forever 21 and have successfully learned from your mistakes, I applaud you. You have won the game of Prom.

The final step of prom is just getting through the night. You have arrived at the dance with all of your friends, and now you are locked in for the next four hours! Get pumped ladies! Let’s kick off those heels, drag our low energy dates onto the dance floor and pray to the good Lord above we don’t get sweat stains on our dresses.

To say Prom night was “a night to remember”, as a junior,would be an understatement and honestly disrespectful. Prom night is where you and your friends can feel every single emotion and dress to look your best! Honestly the only thing better than that is actually being able to eat for the first time in a week with all of your friends at the end of the night. Prom is one of the few nights that you will never be able to experience again, so my biggest tip for surviving the event is do not be that girl who admits to all the blood sweat and tears. Go into prom with your head held high, and enjoy the highs and lows before it’s over.

Image courtesy of Flickr.