Student Spotlight: Grayson Windley ’26


Jewel Hardwick '20, Staff Writer

Being a sixth-grade student can be a bit daunting, but the class of 2026 has taken it into stride so far. To zoom in on the smallest grade on campus, we asked Grayson Windley ‘26 to share his experiences and insights about being a new middle school student at Episcopal. 

Q: What do you like about being on a campus with older kids? 

A: I like hanging out with the older students. The older kids generally know a bit more about a lot of stuff. And, they are fun to talk to and joke around with.

Q: What is your favorite subject, and why?

A: My favorite subject is history, mainly because we play a ton of games. We’ve raided the other class and conquered them and have played trivia. History is also just an interesting subject.

Q: What do you like about the campus? 

A: I like the size of our campus. You can do so many things here. I like our sixth-grade house as well because my next class is usually next door. The hallways are too confusing sometimes. Tons of squares and sharp turns. Almost like a honeycomb.

Q: What is your favorite Sage station?

A: The Beak is always a good choice. The pizza line can be pretty okay as well. I usually don’t go through any other lines though.

Q: Where was your previous school, and how does it compare?

A: I went to West Riverside Elementary. It is a public school, so things are done a lot different over here. I like the fine arts elective classes. They are a nice change from my old resources class. 

Q: Are you ready for the bigger lockers you get in seventh grade?

A: No. My locker is great. I’m in the middle row. Middle lockers are great for people like me because I’m eye-level with it. I guess when I grow taller, the top lockers will be better. 

Q: How do you like our chapels so far?

A: I really like chapels. I’m in chapel tech, so I’m usually in the tech booth pressing buttons or backstage doing stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Image courtesy of Jennifer Windley.