Tour of JAX

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Tour of JAX

Anna Mayo '20, Staff Writer

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During fall break, two of my friends from Los Angeles and Washington D.C. came to visit me in Jacksonville. Their one request was that anywhere we go be truly local. So, I took their request to heart, and afterwards I compiled a list of my favorite spots signature to Jacksonville.

For Coffee…

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Bold Bean began over a decade ago as “a hobby in a garage” according to their website but quickly became an iconic figure of independently owned businesses in Jacksonville. They offer exceptional coffee at all three locations, as well as an inviting atmosphere that welcomes everyone from students, artists and creatives, families and people just looking to hang out.

For Breakfast…

Community Loaves

People driving down the historic Murray Hill district may pass by this hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and boy are they missing out! Community Loaves began as a bread delivery business and is now a cozy hideaway offering not only bread but homemade pastries and delicious breakfast dishes.

For Lunch…

Southern Roots

Southern Roots is one of Jacksonville’s only all-vegetarian/vegan restaurants, but it will satisfy everyone… vegan or not. Open every day (spare Monday), Southern Roots sells not only delicious bowls and sandwiches but even their own house made spreads and reusable straws/containers.

For Dinner…

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Hawkers offers delicious food inspired by a plethora of Asian countries, including plates for the table, Korean-style wings, as well as ramen and donuts in a bag. Tables are scarce, so get to Hawkers early in the night to obtain a spot at one of the most popular spots in Jacksonville.

For Fun…

Sun-Ray Cinema

Sun-Ray Cinema is a locally-owned, independent movie theatre that offers not only recent releases but also indie films (and even a Harry Potter movie marathon each year!). They strive to provide the best service possible, and they offer amazing food (even fully-vegan options).

Photo credit Anna Mayo ’20.