Changes To The ACT


Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

The ACT, one of the two national assessments taken by students applying to college, recently announced test changes that will take effect in September 2020. What are these changes you might ask? Well, there were three major changes announced: “ACT Section Retesting”, “ACT Superscoring” and “Faster Results with ACT Online Testing”. 

The first change is the most shocking to students, since they will have the ability to retake specific sections of the ACT, instead of retaking the entire test. The next change, regarding superscoring, will create an average composite score containing the four best scores in each section. This proves helpful, since most colleges already accept superscoring. The last change regarding an online option when it comes to ACT testing seems very promising. The ACT states that students taking the online version of the test will be able to receive their multiple choice scores and composite score as soon as two business days after the test date. 

Although these changes seem promising, there may be some backlash. This is because the new section retesting may favor students in a higher economic bracket since they can afford to retake specific sections as many times as wanted.

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