Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 30, the Episcopal students who take Marine Biology took a field trip to Marineland, the world’s first aquarium (which opened on June 23, 1938). 

Marineland has been providing guests with unique opportunities to learn about and interact with a variety of marine life for 80 years. Their main mission is to preserve marine life for future generations and to educate people on how to do likewise. 

Ms. Janet Buford and her Marine Biology students used this field trip to get hands on experience with dolphins and to learn about topics that have been discussed in class. This trip provided the students with a lot of useful information regarding preservation of the ocean and marine life. 

In one activity, students mixed oil into a small container of water and tried different methods of removing it. The activity represented the effects of an oil spill, and the different items the students were given to clean the oil out represented different methods of cleaning the oil out of the ocean. In most cases, multiple methods are used to remove as much oil as possible. 

The students also got to interact with dolphins that are kept at Marineland. 13 of the 14 dolphins Marineland cares for are Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

Overall, the trip to Marineland was an amazing opportunity. It was both fun and educational for the students and hopefully the trip inspired students to help preserve the environment.

Image courtesy of Robert Jackson ’20.

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