Student Spotlight: Julia Polster ’22


Anna Mayo '20, Staff Writer

With Episcopal’s Fall production of Chicago done, I decided to reach out to Julia Polster ‘22, one of the two leading ladies, to ask her how her about experience. This was Polster’s first high school musical, as well as her first time playing the lead role in a production. Aside from theatre, Julia also dabbles in the chorus department and the dance department.

Q: What did you find to be the most challenging part of this production’s process?

A: “It was definitely a challenge balancing hard classes with lots of rehearsals, but being so involved in the musical also helped me learn to manage my time better and be productive.“

Q: Did you have a favorite part of the show itself?

A: “My favorite part of Chicago was doing all that jazz for the opening number every night. Hearing the applause after the blackout made every note, every long and tiring rehearsal worth it. I also loved watching my friends from off stage and cheering them on during rehearsals. We formed a family through Chicago and that’s what I think I’ll miss most about the show.”

Q: And do you have a favorite part of the process itself?

A: “I loved being a part of this production, especially because of the cast. Becoming closer with people from different grades and friend groups was awesome, and we formed friendships that lasted outside of the theater. Playing a role I grew to love so much alongside my favorite people made my first ESJ show such a wonderful experience.”

Image courtesy of Lauren Nott ’20.