Kanye 2024


Maddy Carroll '22, Staff Writer

The talk around Kanye West for president has made a huge controversy and buzz politically and socially. When Kanye made an appearance at the fifth annual Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York on November 7, he spoke with Yeezy footwear designer Steven Smith. While he was talking about his huge shoe company he made a comment that made people in the audience crack up. He said that “when he runs for president in 2024”, the crowd thought he was joking, but then he responded with “what are y’all laughing at?”. 

Even though West has joked in the past about running for president, the people are convinced that now he isn’t. This not only puts controversy around West, it also puts it around his wife, Kim Kardashian. With both of their rocky pasts in the press, it makes people really skeptical about how this election process will go. 

With Kim’s clothing, perfume and makeup line, and Kanye’s new movie coming out as well (not to mention the weekly church services he hosts), the Wests are very busy. People are wondering details about how he is running. Some news sources say that he is running as an independent; however, with his close ties to current president, Donald Trump, people think he might lean towards running as a Republican. 

Adding on to the fact that West will potentially be running for president in 2024, he also said that he will change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. Overall this topic has definitely stirred up news and talk around the 2024 presidential election and what the outcome will be.

Image courtesy of Dliste5423d.