Twins Of ESJ


Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

Twins. According to and, the odds of having twins is around 3% worldwide and 4% in the US. These odds are not very high, yet we have an influx of twins at Episcopal. There must be something in the Dirty Duval’s water because twins are a common occurrence in Jacksonville. 

In the senior class alone,  there are 4 sets of twins. Out of the 143 seniors in the Class of 2020, eight are twins. This would mean that the odds of being a twin at Episcopal is 5.6%, well above the national average. I conducted an interview regarding all the ups and downs of being a twin with the four sets of twins in the senior class.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a twin?

A: Caroline and Cassidy Terre said that their favorite part about being twins is always having somebody to hang out with. Another positive aspect about being twins is that growing up, they always had someone to play with, and now they can always study with each other since they are in the same grade.

Q: Do you and your twin have a special bond that nobody else can understand? If not, what kind of special bond do you wish you shared?

A: Alex and Will Hayes stated that because they spend so much time with each other, they know each other perfectly, which only comes from being a twin. Caroline and Cassidy’s response echoed this idea of special twin bonds, but Ford and Lily Gleaton’s response was completely opposite. Lily and Ford stated that they are actually polar opposites, but they wish they had some sort of twin telepathy. 

Q: Is there anything you dislike about being a twin? If not, are there any misconceptions surrounding being a twin?

A: Both the Hayes twins and the Terre twins said that one annoying part about being twins is that people will sometimes confuse their names. Cassidy and Caroline said that one annoying part about being a twin is sharing everything like a birthday, a car, food, clothes and even a bathroom. Lily and Ford said they didn’t see any downsides, but the only misconception is that twins must be close 24/7 or are very similar, when that isn’t the case for them. 

Q: How would you feel if you had twins?

A: Everybody said they would enjoy having twins because they would be able to experience the joys of being a twin, and it is double the fun. One valid concern stated by Ford is the financial implications of paying for everything twice, like college.

Image courtesy of Jonah Hodo ’20.