Senior Retreat: A Day To Remember


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

What is the Senior Retreat? The senior retreat is an annual field trip that Episcopal holds for the senior class. The trip is supposed to provide the seniors with the unique opportunity to create friendships with other seniors they don’t know, to develop deeper bonds with seniors they do know and to make lasting memories with their class before school ends.

For the past few years, two main logistical factors of the trip have gradually changed, such as how long the retreat is and where the retreat will take place. Originally, the retreat took place at Camp Weed and was an overnight trip, but this year the retreat was held at the University of North Florida for some bonding and team-building activities. 

To end the night, all of the seniors went to eat at Maggiano’s, an Italian restaurant in the Town Center. At Maggiano’s, the senior class had a three course meal which contained an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. 

Trenton Orr describes the trip as “a night to remember.” When asked about the retreat, Max Evanson, shared, “I thought that the whole thing was pretty fun. Falling in the lake is something I’ll always remember, and the dinner afterwards was a great experience deepening the bonds I have with my friends.” Chandler Fields believes that the trip seemed like an “enthusiastically relaxed bonding of individuals.” Josh Kewere described the retreat as “a good evening with good people.”

The Senior Retreat was an amazing experience for everyone involved and did exactly it was supposed to do. It brought our class closer together, creating new bonds, as well as strengthening old ones.

Image courtesy of Grand Forks Air Force Base.