A Quick, Definitive Guide to Suppressing Senioritis

A Quick, Definitive Guide to Suppressing Senioritis

Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

Senioritis. Every high school student has heard of it. It is a very real and prevalent part of every senior’s day-to-day life. Senioritis can kick in for students at different times; for some it starts the beginning of senior year, and for others it does not take effect until the end of senior year. The one thing that nobody realizes about senioritis is that it can be stopped. 

Senioritis may seem fun, but seniors will realize this is not the case when they struggle to finish even the most mediocre of assignments. The way to combat senioritis is simple: live in the present. Senioritis is ingrained in the mind of students once they realize that in a matter of months, they will be away from home and in college. This realization of the events forthcoming creates a sense of excitement and anxiety for most seniors that is expressed as laziness. Students focus too much on their future college lives instead of finishing off their senior year with style. They don’t realize that their wastrel tendencies senior year will come back to haunt them when they are thrusted into the complexities of everyday college life. 

This is why by combating senioritis, seniors are preparing themselves for college. Instead of wasting away their senior year by doing everything except complete school work, they can practice exhibiting a strong work ethic and preparing for college.

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