2020 Grammy Apparel


Anna Mayo '20, Staff Writer

The Grammy Awards are a yearly event recognizing excellence in the music industry. Aside from being a night full of artistic recognition, it is a night that is a huge opportunity for celebrities to show their flair for fashion. This year, the fashion game at the Grammy’s was expected and nothing spectacular overall. There were however a couple of pieces that I really enjoyed.

Billy Porter wore Baja East and Alexis Bittar. The silver tassels that hung from both his hat, his purse and his calves made his look stand out from similar western-esque looks of the night. His eyes were accented by the same shade of blue as his outfit. His spider bracelet, choker and platform shoes paired perfectly with the small sparkles that permeated his whole jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was given an added edge with the matching jacket that was worn on top of it. 

The moment I saw Tyler The Creator’s outfit, I knew he had to be emulating Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is exactly what he was going for. According to Vogue, Tyler has expressed admiration for Wes Anderson and in his recent work has been allowing that influence to show. In his lobby-boy outfit at the Grammy’s, Tyler chose a soft, yet bold pink to permeate his outfit, making it impossible for viewers to miss him. To top it off his accessory of choice was not only a lobby boy hat but a classic hardcover luggage case of an even lighter pink.

My favorite outfit worn by a female celebrity was Chrissy Teigens’s orange Yanina Couture dress. The color accented her skin beautifully. She gave off “fairy” vibes as the low cut V-neck was balanced perfectly by the high rise shoulders. She looked sharp yet elegant. The silver accent accessories she chose didn’t overwhelm the outfit but paired perfectly.

Image courtesy of Prayitno Photography.