Coll’s Quarantine Hobby: 2K


JP Coll '22

With all the new free time I have during this quarantine, I’ve needed some new things to do to pass the time. 

Out of some of the new things I’ve tried, I’m going to talk about my new 2k20 MyPlayer. MyPlayer is a mode in NBA 2k20 that includes making your own archetype, which is the play style for your build, playing in college and getting drafted, playing games with your new team and finally playing with your friends in the park against other people. I spend most of my time playing in the park. It’s either three on three or two on two. 

My last build was a ‘shooter’ and was able to do everything. He was a very rare build, and I’ve only seen one other ‘shooter’ in the park, but he was able to shoot the ball great and play great defense. I got him to a 96 overall and got all of his badges, and I needed someone new to work on with all this free time.

I played around creating builds all day, testing them out to see which ones I preferred. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and made probably around five builds until I found the perfect one.

First, I started out with a glass-cleaning lockdown center build. It has to be one of the more broken builds in the game because if made right, they can shoot the ball lights out and still rebound and lockdown on defense. It was a great build, but I wanted more speed, so I moved down to a shooting guard and made a two-way playmaker.

It was a good build, but it didn’t shoot as great as I wanted it to. I made a few more builds that were good but not what I was looking for.

Then I tried something new. With the new pie chart system, normally people pick pie charts that have a majority of two abilities, but this time I chose the pie chart that was dominated by the playmaking color. I filled up the playmaking attributes to get 30 playmaking badges, filled up the shooting attributes to get 15 badges and filled up finishing and defense to end up with seven finishing badges and four defensive badges. This is a great distribution of badges, and it makes a player that can pretty much do anything. I tested him out and he was exactly what I was looking for. He could get up to a 95 speed, and no one could guard him, and he could still shoot, finish and play defense. I have worked him up to an 89 overall so far with 8 playmaking badges, 4 shooting badges, 3 finishing badges and 3 defensive badges achieved. 

With the free time that I have, I’ll 100% be working to get this guy as good as he possibly can be.

Image courtesy of JP Coll ’22.