Michael Mayo Interview


Anna Mayo '20, Staff Writer

How long have you been president of the downtown Baptist location?

I have served as President of Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville for nine years.

Do you feel your hospital is equipped with the tools to correctly serve the increased number of patients?

Yes, we have established a stockpile of needed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): gloves, masks and gowns.  Additionally, we ordered at the beginning of the crisis a significant number of ventilators to increase our inventory for future needs.

Aside from dealing with the pandemic, what has been your greatest struggle within this role?

The greatest struggle has been maintaining the balance between keeping our patients and staff protected by restricting the family members of patients from entering the hospital. We are required to limit visitation in order to ensure no spread of the virus from outside sources.

How do you feel the county or state has helped you prepare for this pandemic?

By declaring a state of emergency and requiring physical distancing to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID –19.  Additionally, both the state and county have assisted in the acquisition of PPE and other needed supplies.

What do you feel your hospital staff needs most right now (personally or professionally)?

Personally, they need to feel safe and need the support of their families and our community. Professionally, they simply want to use their skills and care for the patients the very best they can.

Have you dealt with any patients personally, and if so, how has that been?

Yes, I have had to meet personally with patients and families to explain our visitation restrictions and help them understand that policies in place are for their protection.  I also do rounds on all of our units daily and interact with patients and team members to ensure they are well taken care of and to address concerns they may have during these challenging times.

Are you still going to work every day?

Yes, I am at the hospital daily and have been for the last four weeks.

What is your favorite movie?

Gladiator, with Russell Crow.  An excellent demonstration of leadership and courage.

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