Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Debbie Deppe


Ashlin Roberts '22, Staff Writer

Ms. Debbie Deppe is a sixth grade teacher at Episcopal, who teaches alongside Mr. Mike Rickey and Ms. Shannon Nunley. The following are her responses to a series of questions. 

How long have you been teaching? 

22 years – whew, long time! 

Where have you taught previously? 

Pensacola, FL; Milton, FL; San Diego, CA; Zushi, Japan; Mobile, AL; Virginia Beach, VA; and here in Jacksonville at Baldwin H.S. and at ESJ! We have moved 18 times in our marriage. 

What made you choose to come to Episcopal? 

I have taught mainly at private schools and most of those have been Episcopal schools. I am an Episcopalian and am married to a 20-year career Naval aviator and 15-year career Episcopal priest, and he has had a new career since returning after retiring as a priest. Yes – one man with now three separate careers in his life! I love being at ESJ!

Rank your experience at Episcopal so far on a scale from one to ten. How do you like it here? 

This school is a 10 for sure. That is why when we returned to Jacksonville two years ago, that I was so excited to return to Episcopal! I previously taught at Episcopal for six years, moved to Virginia Beach, and five years later returned to Jacksonville and my beloved teaching career at ESJ. I am truly blessed each day to be here. 

How is your first year teaching during a pandemic?

I taught last year in the 6th grade for the spring semester of remote learning! That was a crazy experience!! This year has seen a lot of time spent in the classroom making sure that all of my students are safe. Safety is paramount. I would feel terrible if any of my students were exposed to the coronavirus at school. I have to say the sixth graders are so helpful in reminding each other to sanitize their hands, wear their masks and help clean the desks each period. 

Do you love your sixth-grade classes?

They are wonderful and kind! I love this group of students! I really enjoy teaching in sixth grade. The curriculum is exciting and there is always something new for me to learn and then to share with my classes. And I teach with an outstanding team of teachers in sixth grade! Shout out to you Mr. Rickey and Ms. Nunley!

After interviewing Ms. Deppe, it is clear that she has a lot of love for her sixth-grade classes and the overall Episcopal community.

Image courtesy of Ms. Debbie Deppe.