Movie Review: The Beauty of Tenent

Movie Review: The Beauty of Tenent

Emilia McLaughlin '21, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers!

While Covid-19 has hit the movie industry hard, directors, producers and actors have continued making magic. A perfect example of the resilience displayed by one of the most hard hit industries during these times is Tenent, directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is known for his work on Dunkirk, Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and so many other movies defined by high action and intense storytelling.

Our main character, a secret agent only known as The Protagonist, is played by John David Washington. Kidnapped and tortured by the enemy for information, The Protagonist chooses to swallow a cyanide pill rather than give up information, which is revealed to have been a test of his loyalty. Having passed, he’s sent on a top secret mission that centers around a strange and never before seen technology. He’s introduced to a kind of bullet that can go backwards in time, a lethal weapon whose origins are unknown, but assumed to have been sent from the future. He is told other objects have been found with the same ability, and whomever runs the strings behind The Protagonists’ mission is afraid of the consequences of such a devastating technology.

He finds himself teamed up with another agent, Neil, played by Robert Pattinson, who summarizes the plot as, “From what I understand, we’re basically trying to prevent world war three.” They stumble across our antagonist, a rich Russian named Andrei who runs weapon trading behind the scenes, and his wife, Kat, played by Elizabeth Debicki, who is blackmailed by Andrei into staying with him for the safety of their son.

The entire runtime of the movie is our heroes, Protagonist, Neil and Kat, running through time trying to figure out what is happening and what they need to do next, and the audience is the same. While the characters are all charming and their actors just as much so, the amount of detail that the audience needs to pay attention to in order to understand what’s happening can be overwhelming. Tenent isn’t the kind of movie you can afford to take bathroom breaks during. If you understand and can keep up, Tenent is such a rewarding and exciting film. The acting, cinematography, smart details and breathtaking twists and moments all make the film a fantastic ride. However, for those that need more concise storytelling, it can be tiring to try and keep up. 

For those looking for an incredible film that while complicated is fulfilling and satisfying, Tenent is your best bet. It’s a kind of movie you watch with your friends so you can all actively scramble to put the details together and point them out to one another, if not for screaming as a unit when moments get particularly heated and intense. If you’re ready to help revive the movie industry and watch something that leaves you invested in every second, Tenent is your solution.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.