Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Greg Hersey


Ashlin Roberts '22, Staff Writer

Mr. Greg Heresy is the coolest kid in school. Well… I guess he’s the coolest teacher in school, so why not get to know him? Mr. Hersey is the Middle School and Upper School band teacher here at Episcopal. He’s done so much for the arts program, and he has given many opportunities to his students to be amazing musicians. 

Summarize your musical journey. Where did it all start?

“Music has always been a part of my life. I was raised in a musical household with a drum set or some type of instrument always being around. My dad is my biggest influence, inspiring me daily through his passion and dedication to the arts. From there, I continued to pursue music and really get serious about it. There have been MANY times I doubted myself or others doubted me in music as a profession and career. I have always channeled that negativity and doubt and used it as a source of motivation. Six years of music school and two degrees later, here we are… Doing the music thing.”

Is there a certain instrument that you love more than others? Explain why!                                  

“I love all instruments… Except the recorder… But drums and percussion is an instrument that resonates with me and allows me to express myself as an artist and human being. Let’s face the facts; everyone loves drums.” 

If you weren’t a musician or in the music field, what would you do as an occupation? 

“Something about selling insurance seems exhilarating… Tough question… I have dedicated my entire life to music and really would never see myself doing anything else. I probably would’ve invested more time into athletics or fitness, being involved with that field and industry. I have always played sports and am incredibly competitive.” 

Describe the differences between your middle, upper, and honors classes. In what group do you see the most progression every day? (In other words, who’s the coolest?) 

“It’s difficult to measure and gauge the ‘differences’ between three very unique courses. Each student, each class, each year offers something unique. Many students are studying and performing at varying levels, as far as ability, understanding and progression. To simplify, I would say the Middle School Band is centralized around the building blocks and fundamentals of music, whereas Upper School and Honors Band focuses on the process of music and discusses the intricacy and nuances of music. The goal is to provide students with as much information as possible so they can efficiently practice and perform on their own, achieving musical maturity similar to a college student or professional. Obviously, I’m the coolest.”

What’s it like teaching a band class during a pandemic? 

“Very difficult… I will advocate for myself and say that between chorus and band, I am faced with the most challenges and obstacles… This is not a math or English class where we can sit socially distanced and listen to a lecture, take notes and keep the discussion to a minimum. More than 80% of the class depends on their projection of air into an instrument for a band to even be possible. We have figured out what works and what doesn’t.” 

What’s your favorite part of Episcopal?

“Entering the Munnerlyn at night when I have forgotten something important in my office, hearing voices and strange noises, knowing I am the only one present… Other than that, it’s the community and what the school strives to impart. I love being part of something that everyone takes pride in and truly cares about. Everyone at our school works diligently towards a goal, always remaining passionate and dedicated towards education and being great human beings.” 

Darts or frisbee?

“TOUGH. What about dart frisbee??? Believe it not, I play a lot of darts at my house, typically defeating my guests… I’d have to go with Frisbee, I feel like a dog chasing a piece of plastic aimlessly for hours. How fun.”

What’s your favorite color? 

“Black isn’t a color, right? Well, I like black”. 

Mr. Hersey is one of the most fun and talented teachers I know, and I hope this interview helps show that. If you ever want to talk to a hardworking and interesting teacher, then stop by the Munnerlyn to see him!

Image courtesy of Mr. Hersey’s Instagram.