Eighth Grade Valentine’s Day Plans


Emilia McLaughlin '21, Staff Writer

With February 14 in our recent past, many were left wondering what to do during their last-minute holiday preparations. Don’t worry! I’ve assembled the most knowledgeable people on such an important issue: Episcopal School of Jacksonville’s Eighth Grade… The following contain their expert responses as far as what they planned on doing this particular Valentine’s Day:

  • “To chill in my room and listen to music and play COD zombies.”
  • “Wait until it’s the 15th, and buy the discounted chocolate.”
  • “My plans were to bake and go to the beach and go do something active outside.”
  • “Be alone and think about my loneliness, lol.”
  • “I planned on going to the beach with my mom and my sister, depending on the weather, then we will go home, get ready and go to a Valentine’s dinner at a friends house.”
  • “Spend the day with someone and then have dinner with them.”
  • “Stay at home, and eat some chocolate.”
  • “Go to an amusement park with a group of friends.” 
  • “Sleep and then wait for tomorrow because then all the chocolate will be on sale. Yum.”
  • “Go on a Manatee trip with my mom.”

Valentine’s day obviously isn’t just a day about loving a special someone, it’s about loving all your special someones. When the meaning of the holiday gets particularly watered down, it’s refreshing to hear the opinions of a demographic less affected by the expectations and authority of commercials, TV shows, peers and other media types. These kids have got the right idea, I think. Now, to follow their advice, let’s all wait for that chocolate to go on sale.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.