The Royal Family Scandal


Maddy Carroll '22, Editor-In-Chief

The scandal that shocked the world… Megan Markle and Prince Harry finally spoke out about their perspective on all of the drama regarding Markle joining the royal family.

The icon herself, Oprah Winfrey, hosted the interview. Not only did Winfrey go to their wedding back in 2018, but she also now lives down the street from the couple, in California.

The interview aired on March 7, 2021 and did not disappoint. This Oprah special started off by just Megan and Oprah talking. They discussed everything, and nothing was off limits. They talked about how they had a secret wedding, what led up to them stepping back from the royal family and how both Harry and Megan started to develop serious mental health issues.

They also discussed everything that was hiding behind closed doors, since Harry and Megan started dating. One of the biggest topics that was brought up was the racial aspect.

Megan said that when she was pregnant, some members of the royal family were “concerned” about how dark Archie would come out. Adding on, they also said that Archie would not be given a proper title or security. This concerned Megan, since he is a royal by blood.

Harry and Megan didn’t particularly care about the title, but they did care a lot about if they were going to be protected. When they went to Canada to try and get away from some of the drama, the royal family took all of Harry’s security away. This forced them to have to get and leave very quickly.

They went to California and stayed with a friend for a little bit, while they figured out what they were going to do. They decided that the best option for their family was the step back to the duties of the royal family.

In the interview they stated that they will continue to do the work they did when they were a part of the royal family, just not under that title.

Harry mentioned later in the interview that he has become very distant with his father and brother.

Overall, the couple expressed how happy they are with their decision and are very happy to start this new chapter in California.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.