Art Museum Drive

Art Museum Drive

Ashlin Roberts '22, Staff Writer

Episcopal School Of Jacksonville has recently changed the way students and parents are able to exit school after classes end. Art Museum Drive is a road that lots of students use to get home every day. But recently, the school has limited the use of this road for students and parents.

Now when we leave school out the back way, we can only turn right, instead of going straight, or left. Personally, this angers me. As someone who needs to use Art Museum Drive to get home, it’s upsetting that I need to go out of my way to get home.

Instead of going straight, which we’re not allowed to do anymore, I have to turn right out of school, into traffic and wait ages just to make a u-turn. Although this is a problem that bothers me, it also bothers many other students that need to go straight on Art Museum Drive.

I asked a fellow student, Dan Ferber ‘22, what he thought about this situation, and he shared, “I think the new rules make it harder for us as students to leave school and get home faster.”

Image courtesy of Ashlin Roberts ’22.