Over the Rainbow: A Celebration of Differences

Over the Rainbow: A Celebration of Differences

Hannah Logullo '22, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This article contains content that may not be suitable for younger students.

On Thursday, April 7, the Episcopal School of Jacksonville’s Awareness, Inclusion, and Respect (AIR) Council partnered with some Fine Arts students to put on a showcase celebrating different identities and sexualities.

To start off the evening, Phoebe Fletcher and Maddie Runnels ‘22 warmly welcomed the fully packed house inside the Sikes Theater. Antonio Hicks ‘21 then read aloud an article and gave a mini speech about why LGBTQIA+ history needs to be talked about and taught in classrooms of all grade levels.

The night continued with poetry readings from Emily Gunnlaugson ‘22, Victoria De Jorio-Koegler ‘24, and me, Hannah Logullo, music from Lauren Holland, Fletcher ‘22, Max Moorehead ‘23, Katie McCawley, and Gabby Parker ‘22.

There were also visual art displays by Emmanuella Althuis ‘22 and trivia, hosted by both Jade Hardwick and Runnels ‘22.

Between each performance, members of AIR Council read submissions from the @queeratesj Instagram account. To end the performance, everyone got up on stage and sang and danced to the song “It’s Time to Dance” from the broadway musical The Prom: A New Musical.

Before and after the performance, they sold pink and purple Welch’s Fruit Snacks and heart shaped, rainbow pride pins and throughout the performance, their were QR codes posted on the slideshow to support and donate money to the Trevor Project, the largest suicide prevention non-profit organization for LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults. 

Overall, the night was a wonderful celebration of differences and inclusivity! We cannot wait to see what next year’s performance holds!

Image courtesy of Hannah Logullo ’22.