Student Government’s Vision For The Upcoming Year


Kate Risdon '19

Recently Student Government had their 2018-2019 installation. This school-wide event helped the student body understand what each and every one of these members do for our school community.

Our Student Government President, Xander Magevney ‘19, characterized the mission of Student Government as “working to enhance the Episcopal experience, by creating lasting memories and traditions for every student, while also working to improve campus life.”

The council of students that is on Student Government organize events such as school dances, Homecoming Week, Spring Week, class lunches and other student-led events.

When asking Xander what has drastically changed since he began Student Government since freshman year, he responded by sharing, “I think what has changed the most is how much more work we take on and how we have really dedicated ourselves 100% year round to making a difference on campus.”

It is safe to say that without the help of Student Government, our school would not be as successful as it is today. A huge thank you to the students who care so much about the experience every student has while at Episcopal.

Image courtesy of Kate Risdon ’19.