Top Five End-Of-Quarter Study Tips


Maya McCall '20

It’s official, summer is over, and the major indicator is that quarter one ends next week! Therefore, stress levels are high, Starbucks is keeping students awake and study groups are forming. But don’t worry, because here are five tips to keep us all afloat as the first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close.

5. Self Care

Studying and retaining knowledge is a million times easier when your are taking care of your mind and body. Be sure to eat three meals a day, and try your hardest to fit a couple of snacks in there too. Also, sleep, sleep, sleep! Often times students will stay up into the morning hours, constantly pushing themselves, when in reality it’s probably a better idea just to go to bed.

4. Take Breaks

You might be thinking, this is self care, which is true, but this is too important to be bundled with #4. Taking breaks from studying when you’re tired or frustrated is essential. Taking breaks can actually improve your performance. Breaks can look like taking a five minute walk, getting something from the kitchen to snack on, or even scrolling through Instagram.

3. Use Your Resources

Contrary to popular belief, our friends family and teachers are here for us; they want us to succeed almost as much as we want to. If you’re confused on a topic or missed some notes one day, ask your teacher. They don’t bite. And if you need someone to read over a paper or drive you to school so you can study on the way, ask your family and friends. It takes a village to produce a successful student.

2. Stay Motivated

Especially for juniors and seniors, this is a very overwhelming time. The piles of assignments and assessments can drag you down if you allow it, which is why it is a necessity to stay motivated. What motivates you could be 100% different than what motivates the person across the Harkness table. Some might be motivated by receiving a gift from their parents, others might simply be motivated by an inspiring quote. Keep in mind that one day all this work and exhaustion will be totally worth it.

1. Have a Plan

Set alarms and reminders, purchase a planner, make to-do-lists! As D.J. Khaled would say these are the, “Major Keys” to success. Planning out how you want to study gives you a sense of purpose. Planning ahead gives students a feeling of ease in such a demanding time.

Image courtesy of Maya McCall ’20.