The Magic Of The Holiday Season


Kate Risdon '19

The holidays are the best time to see everyone’s traditions. Traditionally, families have a Christmas tree, house decorations, gifts, Secret Santas, and holiday parties, but many also have some more not-so-known traditions as well. The Christmas season is one of my favorite times; the smells, the cookies, the movies, and the feeling of being around family and friends are unlike any others.

My family and I love the holidays, the gifts and love but most importantly the importance of knowing the true Christmas story. One of my family’s traditions is picking out the Christmas tree. Instead of picking the most beautiful one there, we decide to pick the size we feel is right for our house, and we keep it wrapped up until we get home. The reveal is always interesting; some years they have been beautiful trees, and other years they have been a more “Charlie Brown”-style tree. I love this tradition because it allows for some good laughs and even better memories. This tradition, to me, also has a bigger importance. It reminds me that in life, things don’t always go our way or “look” how we might want them to, but we learn to embrace these quirks and struggles and love them for what it is.

I wanted to find out what other peoples traditions were so I decided to ask around. Maya McCall, a junior, has a family tradition where on Christmas Eve every year, she and her sister each open a present. This present is a sneak peak to a bigger present they will open on Christmas Day. For example, one year her sister opened a new pair of headphones at night, and on Christmas Day she got a new phone! I think this tradition is very special and makes the kids more excited to then open up other presents the next day; it leaves a feeling of wonder in each of them!

Another tradition I heard about was from Ms. Leah Glotzbach. Each year, her daughter, Blakely, gets two ornaments. One for Mom and Dad to keep on their tree and one for her to take with her, once she has her own tree.  Last year, for her second Christmas, she received two flamingo ornaments, symbolizing her “spirit animal”. This year the ornaments she received were ballet-themed because she had just started dance. This tradition is extremely special because one day she will get to look back and see some of the monumental moments in her life, and will then get to share them with her family.

Hearing other family’s holiday traditions really made me think; it made me realize how important family is and how the memories made with family and friends really do last forever. While Christmas is not just about the presents, the togetherness of family during this season is so special. There really is magic in the air. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Image courtesy of Pexels.