Explanation of Episcopal’s Most Eligible Bachelor


Kate Risdon

Abi Dannheim '19

Recently, I have been asked many questions surrounding “Episcopal’s Most Eligible bachelor” competition and I knew that I had some explaining to do. The idea was brought to The Talon Times by editor, Mrs. Glotzbach. The staff thought that having a fun competition involving Episcopal’s student body would be a great way to gain followers and views for the new The Talon Times.

This competition is a friendly game to make the community see that there is a school newspaper that consists of informative and entertaining articles that are unique to the school. Some fans of The Talon Times were slightly caught off guard when they saw the votes and the overall theme of the game, but The Talon Times meant no harm by it and hoped everyone would have a good laugh.

We look forward to the finale of ESJ’s Most Eligible Bachelor and hope you guys put all of your votes in before it is too late! We also hope you enjoy the work of Ashley Long and Kate Risdon as well. They have been working very hard on the videos with all of the contestants.

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Image courtesy of The Talon Times Staff.