Hurricane Dorian Relief


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

Hurricane Dorian made landfall last week and affected several areas, including the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Some of the areas hit, especially the Bahamas, are in need of assistance. Here is a list of programs and other ventures that are helping people receive the aid that they need.

  • The natural disasters club in Mr. Washburn’s room is having an unofficial drive collecting things such as clothing, food, water and cleaning supplies for the Bahamas.
  • Monetary donations are one of the best ways to help those in the Bahamas recover from what is happening. The American Red Cross is collecting donations on their website
  • Many other charities are also collecting donations such as the Salvation Army, Americares, Mercy Corps and the National Association of the Bahamas.
  • Chef José Andrés has founded a charity called World Central Kitchen, which provides meals for kitchens and shelters in both the Bahamas and in Florida. You can donate to the website

Any sort of contribution towards any of these charities is greatly appreciated

Image courtesy of Christina Koch.