Back-To-School Bash


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

You arrive on campus and join the crowd of people outside the gym. There’s games being played, students laughing and chatting, and people applying face and body paint to themselves. 

When it’s the right time, everyone goes into the gym where there is even more fun games to play, like pingpong and corn hole. There’s music blasting, people dancing, and everyone is having a good time.

This is what happened at this year’s Back-to-School Bash. But what is the Bash, and why does Episcopal have it? 

The Back-to-School Bash is one of the few major, student-oriented, events held annually by Episcopal. The Bash helps bring the upper school student body together to bond and to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. This event is also mainly put together and hosted by a group of students known as the Eagle Ambassadors. 

The Bash took place this past weekend, on September 14. There were many students from every grade that attended, and they all interacted with one another. Each students’ experience was a little different because of the variety of activities.

Five students who attended the Bash were asked two questions: “What is one thing from this year’s Bash that you want to see during next year’s Bash?” and “What is one new thing you would like to see added to next year’s Bash?”.

Kolby Mullaney ‘20 wanted to keep ping pong saying, “ Playing ping pong against Coach Gibbons was the highlight of my night”. He hopes that the bash is in a different gym next year, due to the lack of air conditioning in the Alumni Gym. 

Anne-Charles Zimmer ‘20, who shared that the Bash “is a great way to meet new people,” thought that ping pong would be a great activity to see at the Bash next year. She also thought that maybe the addition of themed t-shirts for the event would be a great addition, saying, “they might be a little expensive but it would be fun to see.”

Josh Kewere ’20 hopes that the games like spikeball and ping pong are kept for next year’s Bash and also wanted to see the return of the black lights saying, “The black lights are pretty classic.” For next years bash, Josh said the would like to see the addition of more games, more people, better music and would like to “let the people choose the theme.”  

Spencer Huie ‘20 wanted to keep the LED lights and the music that was played during the Vash. He also wanted to see the addition of air conditioning to next year’s Bash. 

Trenton Orr ‘20 wants to have face paint at the next Bash and wants to bring back the powder paint that was used in a previous bash. “I wish we had the powdered paint and kept the glow in the dark theme because it would add a lot of fun chaos.”

The Back-to-School Bash was a great event, with a lot of activities, that allowed people to make friends and to celebrate another school year. Hopefully next year’s Bash will be even better!

Image courtesy of Student Government’s Instagram.