The Blue Green Club


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

What separates ESJ’s Blue Green Club from the many other organizations on campus? It was founded and is led by co-presidents Ben Easton ‘20 and Chris Gardener ‘20. The club’s cabinet also consists of Vice President Winnie Pajcic ‘21, Secretary Kevin Pina ‘20, Historian Caroline Smith ‘20, Team Father Austin Prysock ‘20, Social Media Manager Julio Dodaj ‘21, Bodyguards Max O’Brien ‘20 and Nick Elksnis ‘21, Videographer Wilson Runnels ‘21 and River Branch Leader William Cook ‘20.

When asked about how long the club has been established, Easton replied, “Chris and I established this club last year after planning it over summer,” and the club has become one of the most popular clubs on campus since then.

The club’s purpose is to help clean the environment but mainly the beaches. Gardener stated, “I really saw a disturbing amount of plastic and trash in the environment and wanted to fix it.”

Trusted member Kolby Mullaney is also passionate about helping the environment saying, “The campus is very environmentally ingrained and I want to keep both the campus and the environment a cleaner and healthier place.”

There seems to be one common goal for the club: to help clean the environment, but Pajcic furthered, “One goal is to start a recycling initiative for the school partnering with Republic Services. “Gardener also added, “Goal number one is to make the world a better place through beach clean-ups and by teaching people about pollution.”

Both the club as a whole and the individuals who are a part of it have their goals set for this year. Chris Gardener also said that people should join the club because “we’re out here trying to make a change and trying to make the environment better and more prosperous.”

Image courtesy of Caroline Smith ’20.