It Chapter 2


Anna Mayo '20, Staff Writer

If you are prepared to be blown away by It Chapter 2 (as audiences were with the first installment), prepare to be disappointed.

Chapter 2 picks up 27 years later. The Losers Club has disbanded, and they have gone their separate ways. Beverly has fallen into a cycle of abuse with her husband that mirrors her relationship with her father. Richie is a stand-up comedian. Ben is a wealthy architect. Eddie is a risk analyst. Bill is a writer, with movies in the works. Stanley is happily married and about to start travelling with his wife. Mike is the only member to have stayed in Derry and is the catalyst for getting everyone to return to fight Pennywise. 

Where It succeeded through subverting audience expectations through refraining from showing Pennywise for the majority of the film, Chapter 2 does the exact opposite. Instead of creating a world of fear that stems from the viewers imagination, Chapter 2 exercises no restraint in showing and telling everything to the viewer. The scares never stop with Chapter 2, so they eventually become ineffective and the audience becomes numb to them. The movie relies on CGI and a horrible anti-aging job on Finn Wolfhard.

However, the casting and editing of the film is incredible. Bill Hader’s performance as older Richie Tozier is the heart of the film and a good bit of the comedic relief. James Ransone, as older Eddie Kaspbrak, is one of the best casting choices of the year, blending seamlessly with Jack Dylan Grazer’s young Eddie. The editing of Chapter 2 created visually stimulating interactions between the younger and older actors, maintaining the nostalgic atmosphere of the first, while helping the flashbacks of the older characters to flow with ease.

While It Chapter 2 did not live up to expectations for many movie-goers, if you are willing to carve out three hours of your day, it’s a fun watch.

Image courtesy of Aranami.