Homecoming Prep

Hannah Goldfield

JP Coll '22, Staff Writer

Homecoming experiences often range between different grade levels. The varieties of plans, dinner reservations and groups shine a light on how differently the student body enjoys their Homecoming Week. To see how students were preparing for the Homecoming Dance, Courtney Thompson ‘22 and Jack Pruden ‘23 were asked to share their Saturday plans.

Q: What were your plans prior to Homecoming?

Thompson: “I planned on taking pictures with my friends.”

Pruden: “I planned on going to hang out with friends in Avondale.”

Q: What were you looking forward to the most in regards to Homecoming?

Thompson: “I was looking forward to seeing all my friends together and good music”

Pruden:  “I was looking forward to the dancing.”

Q: What had you planned on wearing on Saturday? 

Thompson: “I was going to wear a romper.”

Pruden:  “I had planned on wearing a suit and tie.”

Q: What have your past Homecoming experiences included?

Thompson: “Bad music was a part of my last Homecoming.”

Pruden:  “I had never been to Homecoming.”

Q: Did you have any plans after Homecoming?

Thompson: “I wanted to hang out with some of my friends after Homecoming”

Pruden: “Again, I had planned to be with my friends in Avondale”

Q: What did you think of the Vintage Carnival theme?

Thompson: “I did not like the Vintage Carnival theme”

Pruden: “I felt like the Vintage Carnival theme was good.”

Image courtesy of Student Government.