The Poet


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

Recently there have been some acts of vandalism around campus, specifically in the men’s bathrooms. No one has been caught, and no one has come forward. The following interview was conducted by this interviewer without knowledge of who this individual truly is…


Q: How long have you been vandalizing?

A: I have been writing for around three weeks.


Q: What would you have to say to the maintenance team who has to remove your work?

A: To maintenance: it is not very difficult to remove one’s pieces. However, it is a greater challenge to remove the artist away from their canvas.


Q: Are you scared of getting caught?

A: If I let fear take over my well being, then they have won. I spent many years in fear of what could be. Through my work I have finally become my true self, one not fearful of what could be.


Q: Where do you draw your inspiration for your poetry?

A: Many things influence my work. In the beginning, it was all bathroom-related simply because that was where I was. But as time has progressed, and attention surrounding my work and many others artwork has increased, it has become more about rejection to conformity. If we let these people stop us from expressing ourselves, we will only become a shell of what we could have been.


Q: How do you feel about the other vandals, and do you affiliate with them? 

A: I do not consider them vandals, rather fellow artists that share the same vision. I do not know who they are, nor would I like to. 


Q: Why did you start vandalizing?

A: I began showcasing my pieces to the public because I was bored and tired of the everyday routine we find ourselves placed in. It was a break from it, where I could be creative and risk something for once.


Q: Are you concerned about guests or younger students seeing what is written and drawn?

A: I cannot take back anything that has been unveiled to the public. I have strictly kept my pieces rather tame, and I cannot tell a fellow artist to create something they don’t wish to create. It is their piece, and they should create it their own way. 


Q: Is this a coordinated or solo effort?

A: It began as a solo ordeal. However, many fellow artists discovered this new outlet of creativity, and it has since been a conglomerate of creators that showcase their pieces. Each and every one of our identities is a secret, not even I know who they are.


Q: How many pieces do you take credit for?

A: I do not keep count of the number of pieces I produce. If I were to approximate, I would say either four or five.


Image courtesy of Robert Jackson ’20.