Italy Exhibition


Maddy Carroll '22, Staff Writer

This past summer, 14 students and 2 teachers from Episcopal took a photography trip to Italy. They went to Venice, Florence, Cinatarra and Milan.

 With a mix of digital photography and film, they created a display of photos that captured the experience and culture of their trip. Many of the students had previously been involved in the photography program; however, this trip was open to everyone in the Episcopal community. 

Mr. Mark Zimmerman (head of the photography department) and Ms. Michelle Kruger (middle school art teacher) were the chaperones on this adventure. While the students traveled around Italy they captured pictures of the food, architecture, local people and overall vibe of the country.

All of the photos are displayed in the Munnerlyn Lobby as well as a “meme” wall with all of the fun pictures from the trip. Overall, the trip produced lots of amazing photos for us to display in the Munnerlyn.

Image courtesy of Mark Zimmerman.