An Adventure: Coll And Hodo Get Pedicures


Jonah Hodo '20 and JP Coll '22

Picture this, instead of going over to one of the boys’ houses and playing video games, you and the gang go to get a pedicure. I know this idea seems far-fetched, but in reality, it is quite the change of scenery. 

Jonah’s POV: I was really excited to get this pedicure because I hadn’t gotten one in so long. When JP and I first went into the pedicure place, we were both surprised at the relaxing and interesting environment. JP and I got the hot rocks pedicure, and let me say, it was absolutely amazing. When they brought us back to the area where we were getting our pedicures, JP pointed out the chairs we were about to sit in were massage chairs. The massage chairs were one of the best parts of this entire experience. The entire pedicure was absolutely fantastic, except at some points I was struggling not to laugh because my feet are super ticklish. In the end, JP and I truly loved the experience, and when we were leaving, we were in absolute awe of how smooth our feet were. 

JP’s POV: I have never gotten a pedicure before, and I didn’t know what to expect. We walked into a nicely-scented room, and we were guided to a place with two pedicure stations and were walled off from everyone else there. A pedicure station included massage chairs and a feet washing station. Having my feet washed and massaged with hot rocks was amazing. I walked out of there with the softest feet I’ve had since I was a baby. I am a little ticklish, so I jumped a few times, but I tried my best to keep it under control and just enjoy the experience. It was a very soothing span of time, and I 100 percent would recommend getting a pedicure anytime.

In the end, the experience was absolutely amazing, and we highly recommend getting a pedicure to everyone reading this, especially the guys. Trust us, it will be an eye-opening experience. Fellas, next time you hang with the boys, go get a pedicure, and then get lunch, just like we did; it was the perfect day. 

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