Jackson’s Quarantine Hobby: Puzzling Events


Robert Jackson '20, Staff Writer

During the quarantine, which has now been extended to May 4, many have been losing their minds trying to find something to do. Some people have found ways to keep themselves occupied, but a good amount of people, if not the majority of them, are looking for ways to occupy themselves with new goals, hobbies or challenges.

I have personally experienced the same thing throughout the quarantine. I’ve been bored, and I’ve wanted to see my friends for so long, just like everyone else. Being bored and unable to hang out with friends have turned into looking for ideas on what to do. 

To stop the boredom from getting to my head, I’ve been putting puzzles together with my mom. It was originally my mom’s idea because she took out one of the many puzzles we’ve had for a while and started putting it together. Since that point, which was about two weeks ago, we have completed around seven puzzles. My mom also bought more online just to make sure we had enough to get us through the quarantine. It had been a while since we had put a puzzle together, so when my mom and I got out a 1,000 piece puzzle, it was pretty challenging because it was made out of thick, wooden pieces, some in the shape of animals, like a dragonfly or a stork. 

So If you are thinking about putting puzzles together, too, be sure to start out with simpler puzzles and then work your way to the more challenging ones so that it’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience with each puzzle. If puzzles aren’t your thing, keep a list of things you want to accomplish during quarantine.

Image courtesy of Ann Jackson.