The Rave Behind Netflix’s Tiger King


Jonah Hodo '20, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This documentary has been rated TV-MA, due to content.

Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of Tiger King by now. This somewhat odd documentary series can be found on Netflix and walks us through the life of Joe Exotic, a very interesting but odd man. Exotic is the owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, better known as the G.W. Zoo. The documentary shows the never-ending battle between Exotic, and his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, an animal-rights activist and owner of a non-profit organization, named Big Cat Rescue. 

The series also touches on the disappearance of Baskin’s second husband, Don Lewis. It speaks on this subject because due to Exotic, a good amount of people feel as if Baskin killed her husband. This all led to Joe having a photoshoot outside of Big Cat Rescue that pictured him being mauled by two guys in tiger suits. This was all in an attempt to have Carole arrested for killing her husband.

The series was an amazing watch, filled with laughs and numerous awkward moments. With the way the documentary is presented, it is almost impossible not to love Exotic and his somewhat quirky personality. From his two husbands to his extreme hatred for Baskin, Joe Exotic is an internet personality at heart. 

The drama described is only a sliver of what is pictured in Tiger King. I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone interested in a show full of drama and humor.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.