“Entrepreneur” Promotes Black Ambition


Chey Ann Boyd '21, Staff Writer

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z released the song, “Entrepreneur” on Friday, August 21. The five-minute video spotlights Black entrepreneurs and community leaders from every corner of the world. From well-known entertainers like Issa Rae and Tyler, the Creator to the first Black-owned anime studio in Japan, the song sends a powerful message that Black entrepreneurship has no limits. 

Before breaking barriers with this inspiring song, Williams joined Beyoncé on her “Black is King” visual album that was inspired by Africa. He continued this powerful message by collaborating with TIME Magazine for a special cover project called “The New American Revolution”. For the project, the singer curated a series of conversations and essays between Black leaders and celebs that explore the racist past of America as it relates to the racial reckoning occurring in our country today. Continuing to support and empower black lives, Willams dropped “Entrepreneur” with Jay-Z. 

In a sit down with TIME Williams said, “The intention for the song was all about how tough it is to be an entrepreneur in our country to begin with, especially as someone of color. There’s a lot of systemic disadvantages and purposeful blockages. How can you get a fire started, or even the hope of an ember to start a fire, when you’re starting at disadvantages with regards to health care, education and representation?”

While the song addresses systemic injustice, it also takes a positive tone through Williams’ relaxed whispers floating over the warm beat produced by his production team. There is also the repeated chanting of “black man” before Jay-Z spits the verse: “Uh, lies told to you, through YouTubes and Hulus/Shows with no hues that look like you do … For every one Gucci, support two FUBUs.” William says, “The song is trying to communicate that when we stick together, treat each other better and welcome each other, there’s more money and more opportunity for everyone.”

In a summer filled with social unrest and protests overwhelmed by the tragedy of Black death, “Entrepreneur” depicts a different narrative—how Black excellence can erode the chains of systemic racism.

Link to “Entrepreneur” Video

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.