New ESJ Hair Policy


Ellis Pajcic '22, Staff Writer

Episcopal initially announced to the Eagle Ambassadors that the male upper school students are now able to have their hair down to their shoulders, as opposed to the past years where it had to be above the collarbone. As students began to find out the news, the number of male students with long hair increased immensely. 

When asked about the new policy, Hayden Perry ‘22 responded, “I think that the new hair policy is an excellent addition to the rules. Some guys like having their hair longer rather than short for many different reasons. Some people may like their hair better being longer in sports, and they may think it looks better. I think this new ESJ rule is a great one due to the males being able to express themselves fully, and that is why I think that it should stick around. 

Lee Tritt ‘22 shared, “I truly believe the new hair policy at ESJ is a major improvement. It gives the guys much more versatility with their hair. Personally, for lacrosse, the flow is a desired feature. This is a major reason for my hair style. I’m very happy to see this change for the better”. 

Many male, upper school students find this policy adjustment to be an excellent change.

Image courtesy of Ellis Pajcic ’22.