High School’s New Favorite Mobile Game: Among Us

High School’s New Favorite Mobile Game: Among Us

JP Coll '22, Editor-In-Chief

A new game on the market, Among Us, has taken high school by storm. Among Us is a game similar to Mafia, in which there is a group of people who are working together to find the one betrayer in the group, who is called the Imposter and is working to kill everyone in the group. 

When the game starts, you are assigned either Crewmate or Imposter. The Crewmates are trying to figure out who the Imposter is until it is too late.

There are two ways to win the game. Crewmates are given tasks, and if all the crewmates do all their tasks, then they win the game. The other way to win is to simply vote out the Imposter, which is more difficult than it sounds. The Imposter has the ability to lock doors, cause catastrophes, which if gone unfixed, win the Imposter the game, and vent, which is a way to travel around the map faster than Crewmates.

A skilled Imposter is able to flee the scene that he kills someone in fast enough to see someone before a meeting is called and is given an alibi from the person he saw, which makes it difficult to determine who the Imposter really is…

A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t even know what the game was and now all of my lunches consist of my friends and I arguing over who the Imposter is and fighting over who to vote out.

It is a simple, free game that can be played in about five minutes, which makes it super easy for everyone to play and for everyone to find time to play. (And it is free in the App Store).

In a time where Xbox and Playstation games are expensive, and even if we do get them, our class workload normally does not give us enough time to play during the week, being able to play a quick, free game is such a relief. It is easy to pick up and super fun to play.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.