Remote Learning


Ellis Pajcic '22, Staff Writer

As we knew it would, Covid-19 has played a major role in how school would take place this year. Some schools are going all remote, some are alternating days and some are going back to school permanently.

Those going back to school permanently are arguably more at risk than others. This is why schools such as Episcopal have adopted a system called contact tracing. In the event that someone has contracted Covid-19 , the school will look at who they have been around and will quarantine them through contact tracing.

Some believe that this is unfair for some students due to remote learning being a disadvantage for learning. I interviewed junior Jacob Hauser and asked him how being quarantined twice has affected him.

Hauser responded by saying, “I was unhappy that I had to quarantine the first time because it was the first two weeks of school, and it was hard to actually meet my teachers and get organized. It also made me sad because at first I was excited to see my friends at school, but that was not possible due to quarantining. When I found out I had to quarantine for another two weeks I was angry because I felt that I had just gotten organized with actually going to school, and now I would have to change back. I did feel that I was at a disadvantage.”

Image courtesy of Angelqiu122.