Early Voting

Early Voting

Ellis Pajcic '22, Staff Writer

As we expected, this year has been very different than every other election. With the Covid-19 virus and it causing many people to quarantine, early voting ballots have skyrocketed in numbers. This is the most early voting mail in the ballot that has ever been received.

Many Republicans are finding this to be suspicious and unfair. Meanwhile, some argue that Democrats are easily the majority of early voting ballots. Many rumors are spreading as to if these ballots are reliable.

This year has been very chaotic, and it is just going to get worse during this voting season and after. There have also been many extended voting deadlines this year. Although the election is on November 3, we may not know who our POTUS will be for weeks to come.

How will early voting affect the outcome of the election ? Only time will tell. Long story short, early voting will affect the polls on each state Election Day and will put Americans into a state of eagerness to find out the final consensus and outcome of the election.

Image courtesy of El Paso County, Colorado.