Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards


Ashlin Roberts '22, Staff Writer

Florida holds many art competitions every year, challenging students to produce their best work. The Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards is one of many that Florida hosts. Episcopal is very lucky to have the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents in this competition. 

The Northeast Florida Scholastic Art Awards is a regional art and writing competition that grades 7-12 can compete in. Episcopal’s Fine Arts students were able to compete in the 2021 awards in January. Judges from parts of Northeast Florida were brought together to judge over 2,000 submissions that ranged from 16 different visual art categories. Students had the opportunity to get three different types of awards: Gold Key Awards, Silver Key Awards and Honorable mentions. More than 75 awards were given out to students here at Episcopal, including 17 Gold Keys, 20 Silver Keys and 39 students were recognized in Honorable mentions. This year’s Northeast Scholastic Art Awards gave students a taste for what it’s like for their artwork to be judged. 

Here are only some of the many students who participated in this competition, and succeeded in doing so…

Joseph Cuchiara ‘22

Mackenzie Flakus ‘21

Audrey Franken ‘23

Audrey Gunnlaugsson ‘22

Nadya Hicks ‘23

Kate Kavanaugh ‘22

Mimi Kurlas ‘21

Madison Linn ‘21

Ellie Reed ‘21

Kaitlyn Sweder ‘22

Image courtesy of Kaitlyn Sweder ’22.