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Although the Episcopal community has been grateful for the work and staff at Sage, many students have had complaints. The latest talk around campus has been all about the new Sage at ESJ Instagram account.

This account has been receiving many photos from students who eat from the cafeteria every day. These photos include pictures of food that has been contaminated with hair, mold, plastic, and trash, along with other things, like uncooked meat, and overall having pieces of food that look unappetizing.

The conclusion has been drawn that most students have two varied opinions about this situation. The students who bring their own lunches don’t seem to care too much, but they still acknowledge the problems with the food. The students who eat Sage food are always looking for imperfections and potential “threats” to their food.

If anything unusual is found, some students take a picture and send it to the Sage at ESJ account and wait for it to be posted. There are over 50 posts on this account and almost 300 followers. 

One of those followers is the official Episcopal School of Jacksonville’s Instagram account. To some students, it seems odd that the official Episcopal Instagram would follow this account because some students feel as if the Episcopal School of Jacksonville doesn’t care about these problems that are happening with the school’s lunch system. 

Overall, most students view this account as a funny thing to laugh at, but it does cause some serious concerns about what the students are actually eating.

Image courtesy of @sageatesj.