Letter To The Editor: The Parking Crisis At ESJ



This article was submitted to The Talon Times anonymously and has not been edited in any fashion by the staff. The picture was taken by staff member Addison Nunley ’23.

Students know there is a parking crisis at episcopal, and it’s not a lack of parking spots. The problem is security blocking off spots that students could use. For example, the area in front of Jangro Stadium is blocked off every day for “Jangro guests,” yet no one parks there. Some spots are reserved for people working on campus and contractors, but the other spots are not used throughout the day. One spot is used by Nick Crider, a science teacher whose room is in Jangro. It makes sense for him to have a spot there, but do he and the rest of the coaches need half a dozen empty spaces along with their already reserved spot? Jangro is just the tip of the iceberg.
Juniors are not allowed to park under the bridge past 7:30, which requires them to arrive at school before 7:30 to park under the bridge. What are they supposed to do for 45 minutes before school besides sitting in their cars in the parking lot and wasting time and gas? Juniors who arrive at a reasonable time, such as 7:45 or 8:00, are required to park in the not so prestigious pecan parking lot, if you can even call it that. Pecan presents its own set of problems for students. On a rainy day, good luck getting to your car without rubber boots and a life vest. When it rains, pecan becomes the swamp that it is, with students unable to get to their vehicle or unable to leave without mud tires. Not to mention the comically long walk that it takes to get to the heart of campus. Why are there not enough spaces on campus? Once one begins to think about the parking crisis, one will realize that there is a population issue at episcopal. Keep the parking with juniors and seniors under the bridge any time, and sophomore and freshman park on Munnerlyn drive.


Silence Dogood

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