September 15 Health, Safety, & Well-Being Event

September 15 Health, Safety, & Well-Being Event

Ellis Pajcic '22, Staff Writer

On September 15, Episcopal held a Health, Safety, and Well-Being event for both Upper and Middle School students. This event is designed to reduce stress, anxiety and nerves, while improving: nutrition, physical fitness and wellness, all while being informed on each and every one of these matters.

We asked five students which activity was their favorite. Each and every one of them said the angry birds activity was the best. One student, Senior Bonnie Moore said, “The Angry Birds event was my favorite because it was very fun shooting the slingshot at the boxes and knocking them down. Although it was fun, it taught us the lesson that words matter and that every little thing you say can have a huge impact on someone.”

Episcopal did an amazing job orchestrating and executing this event thanks in part to the students who helped organize the various activities. Senior Jaden Salameh shared, “Being a part of Health, Safety, and Well-Being morning was a great break from the business of an average school day. I enjoyed the time I had to talk with my friends and becoming more involved within my community.”

Although the lessons you learn are nice, seeing your friends that you don’t have classes with is therapeutic in its own way. It allows you to decompress and mentally relax, which is something that is hard to do when you’re constantly juggling school work, sports, arts, clubs and even stuff at home. 

This Health, Safety, Well-Being event was an escape from the constant stress of reality, all while learning valuable lessons.

Image courtesy of Ellis Pajcic ’22.