Return Love Letter To Ashlin Roberts ’22

Return Love Letter To Ashlin Roberts 22

Kaitlyn Sweder '22, Staff Writer

Because Ashlin created a poem for me all those months ago, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a return love letter for her. I hope everyone enjoys what’s to come. Here goes…

To my dearest Ashlin, with eyes the color of our lovely St. Johns,

Though you may think of many, to me you have no cons.

Actually no I take it back, I have found something in fact;

and that would be your weird obsession with cats.

Anyways, every day spent with you gives me quite the thrill,

Because all my hopes and dreams, you can always fulfill.

Even with hands like the ocean that make me squirm,

You are the furthest thing from gross; this I can confirm.

I think our walks around campus are pretty hip,

Maybe this time, just don’t trip.

All of your jokes are tear-jerkers this I must say,

But nothing brings me greater joy than your wheezing every day.

And even though you totaled your car,

I hope those blueberry muffins gave you some delight.

Oh wait, you didn’t even take a bite.

As this poem comes to a close,

I hope you know I love you so; I have since the moment you arose.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I,

and I hope to see your smile in Newspaper, that makes my soul fly high.

Image courtesy of Kaitlyn Sweder ’22.