Gertrude Hetzel '23, Staff Writer

Many people on social media platforms choose to share the good and happy moments. A new social network has come out that has users snap a true glimpse of their lives, no matter the circumstance though; this app is called BeReal. 

BeReal launched in December of 2019, but almost 75% of downloads have occurred this year. The name of the app is exactly what it is; it’s to “be real.” BeReal entirely disagrees with apps that have all the glamor and filters; it completely contrasts with apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

The entire concept of the app is to be the simplest photo. Once a day, at any time of the day, users get a notification that says there’s two minutes to capture what they are doing. Although you can post a “late” BeReal, everyone tries to post as soon as the notification goes off. The app uses both your front and back camera almost at the exact same time so your friends can see what you are doing right in that moment. 

The rise in popularity seems to show that users are tired of using filters on other social media apps. It encourages you to show people who you truly are, and I feel as if people find confidence within it because it’s not all “fake.”

You are able to retake your BeReal, but once you press post, you do have to delete it and only have one opportunity to post it again. The app encourages you to not spend too long on the picture by giving you a two-minute timer to take your photo.

BeReal allows you to react on your friends’ photos and that also has no filter. You’re also to comment or add a caption, if you find a post interesting or funny.

With BeReal, there is not much pressure to post every day, but they do have an album private to you to see all your past BeReals taken, which is something interesting to look into. 

I have personally grown to really enjoy BeReal and actually enjoy being able to be my authentic self as well as see others’ authentic selves.

Image courtesy of Gertrude Hetzel ’23.