Sushi Review

Olivia Messana '25, Staff Writer

Many sushi restaurants exist throughout Jacksonville. The sushi restaurants being reviewed in this specific article are Jana Steakhouse, Fancy Sushi and Nori. 

Jana Steakhouse has 4.1 stars on Google reviews. The restaurant provides both hibachi and regular dining options. One of these restaurants is located in Durbin Park. The chefs for hibachi always give their customers a good laugh. 

Fancy Sushi has 4.5 stars on Google. Depending on the timing you go and which of their locations you visit, the restaurant is usually not too busy, and service is always quick. 

Lastly, Nori restaurant has 4.4 stars on Google. This restaurant is a little more expensive than the other two sushi restaurants listed, but the sushi itself is about the same quality in comparison. 

All three restaurants provide complimentary salad and soup with your meal choice. These sushi restaurants are definitely a place to try or visit again if you have already visited one of them.

Image courtesy of Jacksonville Business Journal.