University TikTok Bans

University TikTok Bans

Emily Thompson '23, Staff Writer

Recently there have been a several governors who have issued orders to ban TikTok from government networks and devices. These bans address some politicians’ concerns that ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is sending information to the Chinese government. If a state governor bans TikTok from government devices, colleges and universities in that state don’t have to restrict it from their internet access. 

This said, many schools followed the governers’ decisions to ban TikTok, due to the safety of their students. Some schools that have banned TikTok are: Auburn University, Arkansas State University, Idaho State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Central Oklahoma and University of Oklahoma. 

This ban is only effective if you are on a university-owned device or on the university or dorm Wi-Fi network. These colleges are highly encouraging students to delete the app and not use it on or off campus for their safety. This ban is spreading throughout states quickly.

The question this arises is what does the government know about TikTok that we do not that could be harmful to us, and why should we delete it? This question can cause many thoughts about the process of banning TikTok in America overall and how banning it at universities can affect this process or speed up this process.

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