Daniel Club Drive


Kate Risdon '19

Daniel Kids is a Jacksonville-based organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children. With that being said, they provide housing and advocate for the needs and well-being of the children and families that they serve.

The Daniel Club at Episcopal wants to do whatever they can to help this amazing organization. The club is hosting its annual Christmas Drive.The  mission for this project is to “Help bring Christmas to Daniel Kids and make a dream come true!”. Each advisory is given the opportunity to get two presents for a child. The kids at both the main site and independent living at Daniel get to ask for two items, besides their basic needs. We have already filled all 10 kids’ wishes and are currently receiving more Christmas lists.

Although this seems so simple, it makes these kids’ entire Christmas. Oftentimes these kids spend Christmas with little to no presents, so this small deed means so much to each of them.

The Christmas Drive will be running from November 26 to December 7. If you have any questions, talk to your advisor or any members of the Daniel Club. Merry Christmas!

Image courtesy of Kate Risdon.